September 19, 2021 - An Unlikely Vessel

Judges 11:1-11

Life Group Questions

1. If you could not hear this week’s sermon, consider going to the church website and listening to it. What main ideas did you gain from the message? Do you have any questions?

2. Do you agree that God sometimes works in mysterious or unlikely ways? Why or why not? List or describe an example from Scripture where God worked in unlikely ways. Describe a time when He worked in your life in an unlikely way.

3. What does Paul mean when he states that we are simply jars of clay containing the treasure of God (cf. 2 Corinthians 4:7)? Why is it that God often uses what seems to be unlikely vessels for His work (cf. 1 Corinthians 1:26-31)? How well are you doing with boasting only in the Lord? Explain.

4. Consider the following biblical characters and describe why they could be unlikely vessels for God to work His purpose: Abraham (cf. Joshua 24:2), Jacob (cf. Genesis 25:23), Moses (cf. Exodus 3), Pharaoh (cf. Exodus 9:1), Deborah (cf. Judges 4), the disciples of Christ.

5. Read Matthew 1:1-18. Does it surprise you to see some of the illegitimate people in the lineage of Jesus Christ? Consider the following people: Judah & Tamar (cf. Genesis 38), Salmon & Rahab (cf. Joshua 2), David & Bathsheba (cf. 2 Samual 12). What message is Matthew showing us about the unlikely way in which God sometimes works? How can we apply this to our own lives and calling?

6. Why do you think God brought forth His Son in the manner in which He did (cf. Matthew 1:18)? Does it seem odd that God would operate by means that seemed illegitimate? How are the nature and person of Christ similar yet different from us (cf. Romans 8:3)?

7. Although all of us are unworthy, what makes us legitimate sons and daughters of God (cf. John 1:12-13; 1 John 3:1)? Have you ever struggled with the feeling of being illegitimate? Take some time to seek the Lord and ask Him to give you peace about who you are in Christ.

8. How should knowing that Christ was despised and rejected help us deal with similar situations (cf. Isaiah 53:3-6)? How do the actions of Christ amid rejection serve as an example for us to follow? Explain.

by Terry Beatty
/  Lead Teacher and Ministry Vision

Macedonia Baptist Church
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Macedonia Baptist Church
10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
(919) 567-3460


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