The Powerful Words of Jesus

John 12:44-50

Life Group Questions

1. If you were not able to hear this week’s sermon, consider going to the church website and listening to it. What are some main ideas that you gathered from the sermon? What, if any, questions did the sermon cause for you or do you desire to have additional clarification?

2. Throughout his gospel John records many words spoken by Jesus. We seem to get a summary of Jesus’ teaching here in His final public address. Do you think Jesus actually spoke these things here, or is John simply summarizing Jesus’ teachings, or does it matter (cf. vs. 36)? Which of Jesus’ teachings have made the most impact on you in our study of John thus far? Share a time in your life when someone’s words had an impact on you (parent, grandparents, friends, etc.).

3. Recall your conversion and describe who introduced you to Christ? What led up to this event in your life? What changes occurred in your life? How is the Lord still changing you? Give a brief testimony.

4. Is belief in Christ a one-time event or is it something that is continuous? Explain. How is Jesus the “light” in the world (vs. 46)? Is the “light” still here on earth (cf. vs. 35-36)? Where does the light dwell?

5. What does it mean for readers today that the “Sent One” has come to the world (cf. John 1:14, Romans 8:3, Galatians 4:4-5)? What is the real danger of not believing in Him and His commands (cf. John 3:18, 36)? Explain.

6. Compare what Jesus is saying in vss. 47-48 with what He says in John 9:39. Is Jesus contradicting Himself? Did He come for judgment or salvation? Is mankind “condemned” already? Discuss.

7. It appears based upon vss. 49-50 that Jesus came to do what the Father wanted Him to do. Does this make Him inferior to the Father (cf. Deuteronomy 18:18, John 14:31, John 7:16, John 10:30)? What does this teach us about Jesus? Discuss.

8. Describe the commandment that Jesus gives us in vs. 50? What instructions are included in this commandment (cf. John 13:34-35)? Are you living out this “new commandment”? What are some ways in which we can exercise this idea of loving one another as Christ has loved us? Do you see examples of this at Macedonia Church? Explain.

by Dan Jarmon 
/  Music & Young Adults

Macedonia Baptist Church
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Macedonia Baptist Church
10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
(919) 567-3460


Macedonia Baptist Church   /   10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540   /   (919) 567-3460