The King of the World

John 12:12-26

Life Group Questions

1. If you were not able to hear this week’s sermon, consider going to the church website and listening to it. What are some main ideas that you gathered from the sermon? What, if any, questions did the sermon cause for you or do you desire to have additional clarification?

2. Read the different Gospel accounts of the Triumphal Entry (cf. Matthew 21:1-11; Mark 11:1-11; Luke 19:28-44). What are the major differences you see between these accounts of the story? Do any of these differences raise questions about the Bible’s accuracy and inerrancy? Explain.

3. When you think of Jesus, how was His manner and content of teaching different from others? What was it that set Him apart from others and why were some people so impressed by Him (cf. John. 7:45; Matthew 7:28)? How should this influence our teaching?

4. Describe some of the ways in which Jesus’ human nature was set apart from others. What about His calling and anointing (John 1:1-2, 14-1, 30-31; 8:58; Hebrews 1:9; 3:3; Matthews 12:42; Acts 4:26; 10:38)? What impresses you most about Jesus as King over the entire world?

5. Describe some ways in which Jesus possessed and displayed humility. Do you think Jesus had to intentionally demonstrate humility or was it natural for Him? Explain. How does the humility of Christ differ from our humility (cf. Psalm 2:1-6; Philippians 2:5-8; Luke 9:58; Matthew 20:28)? In what way might you need to work on humility in your life? What challenges do you face with being humble?

6. Describe John’s portrayal of Jesus as King of the world (cf. John 1:9, 29; 4:42; 6:14, 33; 6;51). For example, what does it mean that Jesus takes away the sin of the world? Does His sacrifice take away all sin? Does He give life, real life, to the whole world? Explain.

7. Describe some ways in which Jesus set a new model of leadership for us? How has He reversed some of the major thoughts, principles and philosophies of the world? Describe what it means to be a good leader; what are some traits?

8. What are some requirements associated with serving God (cf. John 12:25-26)? In what way can we follow Jesus and be where He is? What did Jesus mean by saying that anyone who serves Him will be honored by the Father? What are some ways in which the Father demonstrates His honoring of people?


by Terry Beatty
/  Lead Teacher and Ministry Vision

Macedonia Baptist Church
10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
(919) 567-3460


Macedonia Baptist Church
10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
(919) 567-3460


Macedonia Baptist Church   /   10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540   /   (919) 567-3460