John 7:25-36
Life Group Questions:

1.    If you were not able to hear this week’s sermon, consider going to the church website and listening to it. What are some main ideas that you gathered from the sermon? What, if any, questions did the sermon cause for you or do you desire to have additional clarification?

2.    Describe the different groups of people in this passage and their response to Jesus. In what way do these groups represent people today and their view of Christ? How have you and do you personally fit into these categories?

3.    Explain the misconception of the people about the origin of Christ (cf. vs. 27). How did some people know that the Christ was to be born in Bethlehem (cf. Matthew 2:1-6)? What led people to say that “no one knows where he is from”? Where did Jesus come from (Gen 3:15; 12:3; 49:10; John 1:1)?

4.    Have you ever thought of somebody differently because of where they were from? Explain possible negative and positive aspects of associating the character of a person with where they are from. How does the origin of Jesus Christ help us understand who He is?

5.    Describe the mission of Jesus Christ? Would you agree that Jesus had a mission? How should knowing that Jesus had a mission and purpose for His life affect the way in which we live our life? Describe would describe your purpose in life.

6. What does it mean that Jesus “cried out” in the temple? How should this phrase make us look at the significance of Jesus’ message? How should this phrase make us consider the confidence of Christ in the midst of opposition? In what way(s) should we cry out about the Gospel today?

7.    Describe some of the views about the signs which Jesus performed? Why do you think some people believed in Him as result of the signs? How is it that some of the people could see the same signs and reject Christ (cf. John 11:47)?

8.    Why is the ascension of Jesus Christ so important to our faith? What are some logical and theological implications that result if Jesus has not ascended to heaven? Describe where Jesus is now (Acts 2:29-36)?

9.    What did Jesus mean by stating that people did not know where He was going nor could they go there (cf. vs. 34)? Is this statement accurate for people today? Explain.