February 13, 2022 - When Our Plans Fail

Judges 20:19-28

Life Group Questions

1. If you could not hear this week’s sermon, consider going to the church website and listening to it. What main ideas did you gain from the message? Do you have any questions?

2. Describe a time in which your plan did not work out the way you intended. Did you question God? What was God trying to teach you through that time of failure? Why does God allow us to fail at times? Is God wrong for allowing us to fail? Explain.

3. How does Judges 20:18 relate to Judges 1:1? What are similarities and differences between these two passages? Why do you think the writer included this connection between the beginning and end of the book?

4. Is it hard for you to believe that God allowed the Benjaminites to kill 40,000 of the Israelites? Doesn’t it seem wrong for the sinful, rebellious Benjaminites to have victory over Israel? Why or why not? How does this story relate to Joshua chapters 7-8 and the situation at Ai?

5. Do you agree that the idea of “involving God in our plans” is a wrong concept? How does seeking and submitting to God’s plan differ from trying to involve God in our plan? Explain a time when you were guilty of making your own plan and trying to get God to endorse it.

6. Read Isaiah 55:8-9. What does it mean that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts? In what sense is it true that our ways are not God’s ways? List some ways in which God’s thoughts and ways are much higher than ours.

7. Read Psalm 33:10-11 and Genesis 11:4-9. Do you believe God is under any obligation to support our plans? Why or why not? Do you think God welcomes or desires our opinions about plans and purposes? Why or why not? What freedoms does the Lord give us in how we live and what we do?

8. Do you believe God’s will and plan will prevail over all others? Is there a chance that any of God’s plans, purposes or intentions will fail to occur? Does knowing that God always gets His way make you feel cheated or insignificant? Explain your answer.

9. List some ways in which Israel was guilty of shallow religion. How has their determination and self courage served as a hindrance to their walk with God? Are you guilty of any of the same sins? Take time to reflect and ask God to help you be obedient to Him.

10. Read the following passages: Philippians 3:13-16; Matthew 6:33; Proverbs 3:5-8. In what way should these passages encourage and challenge us to grow in our faith in God? Do you struggle in any of these areas? Take time to ask the Lord to help you be faithful.

by Terry Beatty
/  Lead Teacher and Ministry Vision

Macedonia Baptist Church
10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
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Macedonia Baptist Church
10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540
(919) 567-3460


Macedonia Baptist Church   /   10481 NC 42 West, Holly Springs, N.C. 27540   /   (919) 567-3460